René de la Tour, formally with Jefferson Coin & Bullion of Jefferson, LA, established Dupré Coins & Precious Metals, LLC immediately after Jefferson Coin & Bullion ceased operation in June of 2008. Applying the benefit of 20 years experience in buying gold and silver bullion, and selling the finest true rarities Dupré Coins & Precious Metals offers the highest standard of personal attention to your procurement of coin and bullion needs.

Hard asset diversification is a primary hedge against inflation, a declining dollar and a safe haven in times of geopolitical and financial market instability. You can expect prompt professional attention to any request when assembling a portfolio of bullion or true rarities. Dupré Coins & Precious metals has the experience, the numismatic training, and the knowledge of the bullion and rare coin markets to help you reach your personal goals while minimizing your exposure to the volatility of the markets. Dupré Coins & Precious Metals is a leader in the hard asset community. Our client base is worldwide, and they enjoy our personalized service, consulting and competitive prices when buying or selling.

James U. Blanchard III, a true pioneer in precious metals and founder of Jefferson Coin & Bullion, originally met Rene de la Tour in 1993. The two gentlemen enjoyed a special relationship over the years that Rene credits with changing his view on the precious metals market forever. Jim (Blanchard) was a wonderful friend who provided guidance and wisdom to those in the numismatic community, remembers René. He was truly a leader in the industry and I will never forget the professional standards he set and expected from those around him. I follow his advice daily in my service to my clients.  Rene continues his remembrance of Jim Blanchard by telling a story of how in 1999 he asked Jim his opinion on the future of the American dollar. Jim responded by saying, it will be referred to as the Northern Peso in the foreseeable future! – a correct prediction based on the serious decline of the dollar that America is currently experiencing.

Note: Americans are allowed to own gold today largely in part to Jim Blanchard’s challenging of the American Government in the early 1970’s.

Knowledge leads to successful investing. Let Rene’s knowledge and industry contacts assist in starting your portfolio today. Call toll free 1-877-288-4988 to discuss your needs.