$20 Liberty Gold

Why these gold coins over bullion?

Consider this scenario…

When the paper monies fail or are eliminated and the flight to gold and silver bullion grows …When the powers that be decide to ramp up their reporting requirements and regulations on bullion sales to discourage new investors from fleeing their paper farce…

These $20 Liberty Gold coins can offer you an added layer of insurance that modern bullion coins can’t for these important reasons

1)The percentage of gold bullion (Eagles, Maple , Bars …) being bought by individuals vs older US Gold coin is extremely lopsided in favor of bullion.

2) Because of this small % of ownership and their collectable status the chances of these older gold coins being included in their new reporting rules is unlikely

3) If this happens,demand for these coins (as well as the premiums) will explode and their finite supply will quickly evaporate-remember they aren’t making these anymore!

The gold price is relatively low and coupled with these historic low premiums it has never been a better time to buy US $ 20 Liberty Gold coins.

So buy them now to add to your holdings or trade your bullion coins for them and increase your privacy and profit potential!