About Us

Dupré Coins & Precious Metals was founded by René de la Tour, Jefferson Coin & Bullion former Sr. Buyer, to provide excellence in handling your precious metals transactions at fair prices. René has built elite diverse portfolios for many discrete and knowledgeable investors. The same expertise used in building multimillion dollar collections will be used to increase your portfolio potential. No matter what value your portfolio Rene’ will use his same in-depth numismatic experience to reach your goals. René provides personal attention to each client whether buying or selling. We are proud of our loyal client’s relationships and pleased to receive countless referrals. Dupré Coins & Precious Metals is looking to serve you. Start gaining hard asset knowledge and building your diverse portfolio now.

René discovered his love for coins while working as a paperboy.  From the small change he obtained on his paper route, René would search for Wheat pennies, and he quickly became an avid collector.  His investing career in hard assets began with his purchase of an inaugural American Gold Eagle set back 1986.  René joined Jim Blanchard in 1994 and from the beginning enjoyed a special relationship.  His knowledge and vision grew quickly. The two conversed frequently about the rare coin and precious metals markets and the role they will play in our future, and these conversations greatly shaped René’s understanding of hard assets.  When investing in hard assets Rene’ consults with the client, determines his or her goals and tailors the true rare coins and precious metals to comprise portfolios having the upmost potential and preservation.  In these uncertain times a diverse hard asset portfolio offers a kind of wealth insurance against utter catastrophe.  The dollar is a faith based unsecured liability of our government, and for all practical purposes the government is bankrupt.  The national debt is 51 Trillion and we have not paid a penny on the principal.  This spells disaster. We need wealth insurance now and a diverse hard asset portfolio is your best hedge.


René is highly motivated and driven in all aspects of his life.  Indeed, he was a member of the 1990 USA Para Track Team, and competed in the Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela where he won five gold medals.  He ran a sub two hour Marathon qualifying for the 100th running of the Boston Marathon. Today, this same intensity and determination to win is reflected in the thoroughness of René’s research on behalf of his customers, and in the outstanding results which his advice consistently produces. Simply put, your portfolio will be developed and implemented using proven strategies no matter what the level of inevolvement.   

Outstanding portfolios are built with knowledge, perseverance and determination. Rene’ builds each with unparallel intensity and numismatic expertise. There is no better time to start a hard asset diverse portfolio then today. Start protecting your wealth now.  Call 1-877-288-4988 .